Emily Tran
CS @ UIUC, ex-PM @ Microsoft, Jungian Life Coach

As a coach focused on total career + life satisfaction, I help people ignite their passion, get paid for their purpose, and step into lives they love. My approach combines Jungian theory, social neuroscience, and eastern spirituality to work with the root causes of people's problems so they experience lasting change.

Originally, I got my B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign because I liked video games. While working at Microsoft for 7 years, I was obsessed with climbing the corporate ladder and quickly made it to the Senior Program Manager band. I had my own call to adventure thanks to the rise of web3 and briefly tried working at a startup even though I felt increasingly unhappy and burnt out. I realized by self-worth was tied to my job title and although I love using software for productivity and creativity, I wasn't that passionate about software engineering.

I took a break, decided to find my purpose, and up-skilled in the direction of my passions - practical psychology and personal development. I graduated from an ICF-certified coaching program which involved going through the inner work process myself and documenting real coaching hours with peers from my class as well as those around me going through their quarter-life crises.

Much like the boosts you can get from special potions or “Double XP Weekend” events in video games, Double XP Coaching is about accelerating personal development and unlocking untapped potential throughout the entire duration we're working together.